July 18, 2018

Bush Tucker – Warrigal Greens

Warrigal green quiche

What better way to celebrate National Reconciliation Week than with a popular bush tucker plant and recipe.

Back when I was in school, we were taught that Australian history began when Captain Cook “discovered” Australia.  And celebrations of Indigenous culture were almost non-existent. Thank goodness things have changed!

Nowadays, we have a Welcome to Country ceremony at most official functions. Children are immersed in Indigenous culture from their pre-school days.  And at school, Australian history begins long before 1770.

Bush tucker is becoming increasing popular and many of the plants are super easy for kids to grow. In this blog, we will highlight a bush tucker plant that you will probably have seen growing wild and thought it was just a weed. [Read more…]

Top Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Eat More Vegies


growing cabbage

Growing Cabbage

There is nothing more satisfying or heart-warming than discovering your child in the vegie patch munching enthusiastically on something fresh, super healthy and delicious (unless of course it’s your prize winning crop of strawberries that you were saving for the top of your Sunday pav!)

Current research clearly shows the importance of children being involved with what they’re growing.  My children seem to be about 400% more likely to eat vegies they have grown themselves! [Read more…]

Waldorf Salad with BBQ Chicken Recipe

Kids Say Yum Waldorf Salad with Chicken

Kids Say Yum Waldorf Salad with Chicken

This yummy Waldorf Salad with BBQ Chicken recipe has been sent to us by Maddie at Kids Say Yum. My kids really enjoyed using lettuce, lemon and parsley from the garden to help make this easy recipe. And with the weather warming up, it’s perfect for a Spring BBQ.


[Read more…]

Delicious Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam recipe

Strawberry season is upon us. Fresh strawberries are the epitome of kids and summer gardening for me. We love growing them in our garden and I must admit that they rarely make it inside. If however your kids do happen to leave some strawberries available this is a great jam recipe they will enjoy making with a little adult supervision. [Read more…]