December 14, 2017


Is your organisation looking for a fundraiser that is healthy for kids and good for the environment?

Gardening 4 Kids is a unique small business that connects children to the environment through gardening. We sell a broad range of quality educational gardening products for children including organic seeds, gardening tools, gloves and watering cans.

We have a fundraising program that will benefit your organisation. Members from your community have the opportunity to purchase a number of our bestselling items and you choose the rewards that your organization receives. Either 15% of all sales are given back to your group in the form of a cash reward, or receive 30% of all sales in your choice of Gardening 4 Kids products. The choice is yours.

To find out more about this great fundraising opportunity, please contact Gardening 4 Kids at or call us on 0433 443 114.

How it Works

We have developed our Fundraising Program to make it as easy as possible.

Basically how it works is as follows;

• We provide your organisation with brochures and order forms featuring our best selling products.
• Brochures are distributed by your organisation and order forms collected along with cash or credit card details.
• Order forms are mailed or emailed back to Gardening 4 Kids.
• You choose your reward, either cash or children’ gardening products.  And if appropriate, product choice is sent to Gardening 4 Kids, you can choose any of our products, not just those available on the fundraising brochure.
• Gardening 4 Kids sends your organisation an invoice.
• Upon receipt of payment, we send the orders and reward items (if applicable) to your organisation.
• All orders are individually packaged and labelled, so no collating is required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions, email or telephone 0433 443 114.